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University of Leon


The Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences of the University of León has all the facilities and resources necessary to impart all the subjects and contents to train future professionals who will perform their role in the different fields of action.

To this end, the Faculty is equipped with sports facilities, a fight room, gymnastics room, gym, climbing wall, swimming pool, laboratories, classrooms,... and also has the resources of the Sports Service of the University of Leon, such as football field, tennis courts, beach volleyball court, athletics track,... and the High Performance Center of León.

In these facilities, all the teaching activity of the Faculty's own degrees is carried out, as well as an intense research activity that allows both teachers and students to be permanently updated in relation to Physical and Sports Activity. 

Facilities use
Contact & Information

Facilities Vice-Dean

J. Vicente García Tormo

Telf.: 987293004

Faculty concierge

Telf.: 987 29 30 00

Concepción Cubillas Gutiérrez


María Ángeles García Díez


Patricio Cadenas González


Sport concierge

Telf.: 987 29 54 50)

Francisco​ José González Fernández


Moises González Rodríguez


Alberto Santos Pardo


Alfredo Fernándáez Rubio


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