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University of Leon

Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science 
Graduate in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences

The Graduate in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences is the professional responsible for programming, organizing, coordinating and intervening in all areas related to physical activity and sport, contemplating the educational, recreational, competitive, health, management,... 

To this end, the graduate will be provided with extensive and multidisciplinary training, which will enable him/her to know and apply all the scientific principles of those disciplines that support physical activity and sport, such as anatomy, physiology, psychology, sociology, pedagogy, biomechanics,...

Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences


Academic level: Degree

MECES Level: 2

Branch: Legal Social Sciences


Nº Basic Training Credits: 60

Nº of obligatory Credits: 138

Nº of optional credits: 36

Nº of credits in external practices (optional): 6

No. of End of Degree/Master Job Credits: 6

Total Credits: 240

Qualifications corresponding to the MECES levels (Spanish Qualification Framework for Higher Education)

Professional prospects

The practice of sports and physical activity in our society is conceived as a right of citizens and an indicator of well-being and quality of life of a developed society. The physical activity and sport labour market is a growing market, constituting an important source of employment in Spain.


Teaching of physical activity and sport.

Teaching of physical education in schools of ESO, Bachillerato, Formative cycles of physical and sports activities and Sports lessons.

Sport training

Coaches, professional physical trainers (referred to a specific sport or physical activity in general). 

Sport needs trained coaches to exercise the profession from sport initiation to high performance sports.

Healthy activities

Promoters, recuperators, re-educators and health maintenance professionals through physical activities. 

The professional oriented towards improving people's quality of life is one of the most sought-after outlets in our society. There is a growing interest on the part of public and private entities to have the services of CAFD graduates to develop their work in order to improve and maintain healthy living standards through physical activity.

Recreation & sports

Animators or sports specialists oriented to design, programming, implementation,... recreational activities for different population groups.

Sports management

Direction, organization and management of sports programs and events. Management of sports facilities. Promotion of sport.

Public Administrations and Private companies: clubs, associations, sports schools, fitness centres, wellness centres and traditional gyms.

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